Face ID and Touch ID now available on The Cottonport Bank mobile app!


Logging in to The Cottonport Bank mobile app has never been faster or easier! With Face ID* and Fingerprint ID** it only takes a second and is so secure! If you have fingerprint or facial recognition available and set up on your cell phone you can use the same technology on your Cottonport Bank app. You won’t have to spend time typing in your username and password anymore!

Setting up the fingerprint or facial Identification feature on your Cottonport Bank mobile app couldn’t be easier!


Set it up now

Go to your Cottonport Bank mobile app and a message should pop up. Follow the prompts to set up your biometric identification.


Set it up later

You can set up your biometric identification any time.

  • Log in to your Cottonport Bank app

  • Tap “More” on the bottom right

  • Tap “Settings”

  • Tap on either Face ID or Fingerprint ID (whichever your phone supports)

  • Tap the toggle switch so that it shows green.

The next time you log in to your Cottonport Bank mobile app it will automatically open with a look or a touch, but there is also an option under the username and password section that says “Sign on with Face/Fingerprint ID”. Once you tap on that you can use the new biometric feature to log in.


*To use Face ID you must be using an iPhone X with iOS 11 or higher and you must have facial scan registered on your phone.

**To use Fingerprint or Touch ID you must have an iPhone® (iOS 9® or above) and you must have Apple® Touch ID set up on your iPhone®.



You have the power to control your 

TCB debit card in your hands! 

More specifically, on your phone.

And it's FREE!

SecurLOCKTM Equip features will be available to Cottonport Bank customers on Wednesday, November 18th!

Switch Card On/Off - Lock or unlock cards with a single touch

Instant Transaction Alerts - Receive real time alerts on transactions

Control Use by Location - Limit a card's activity to a specific distance from your mobile device or specify a region on a map

Control Preferences - Set merchant categories, transaction types, and spending limits

If you have our mobile app, setting up SecurLOCKTM to control your debit card couldn’t be easier! Just log-in to your mobile banking app and follow the prompts to turn on SecurLOCKTM features for your card. You can change the settings by going into the “More” section of your Cottonport Bank mobile app and choose the settings and notification type that works for your needs. 

More questions? No problem! 

Click below to find out more:


If you don't have The Cottonport Bank mobile app, now would be a great time to get it, or you can download the SecurLOCKTM app by clicking one of the buttons below.